Do-It-Yourself Termite Control


Termites are a huge problem if you have an older home, especially one that doesn't have a termite resistant wood foundation. If you do happen to be in the midst of a termite infestation there are a few methods to help control and rid the pests. These techniques can be used for both indoor and outdoor termite colonies.


The yard is the first area you need to get under control. Termites live in humid and warm areas so a backyard is the place most termite infestations will start. This is most often the case in areas with a climate that is warm year round. If building a deck in your backyard make sure to use termite resistant wood. If you plan on building a shed or other structure make sure the foundation is secure and the wood has no chance to decays. Also, you need to use termite resistant wood.


There are natural treatments for termite infestations. One of those treatments involve the use of orange peels and orange oils. These substances are naturally toxic to termites. There are other natural options as well. You need to go online and do some research for natural and biological methods for termite and pest control at this site.


You need to keep and eye out for risky areas of your home or property. Avoid things like compost and wood stacks near your home. These things are breeding grounds for termites because they combine both warmth and food for them to multiply. Flower beds can be another risky area due to the fact that people use compost to nourish the plants. What some people don't understand is that it also nourishes termites. You need to make sure that if you do have a flower bed or garden that it isn't connected directly to the house. For more facts and information about pest control, you can go to


The indoor areas that are most at risk for a termite infestation are the attics, basements, kitchens and bedrooms. These are the rooms in your house that are often most humid and moist. Also, it would be wise to watch out for any book collection, documents or libraries. Termites feed on these things as well.


Termites are great at creating tunnels and can burrow almost anywhere in your home. As a do-it-yourself method there are plenty of options that include the use of toxic chemicals which can achieve a termite free home. You can place termite baits around the home or yard. This can kill colonies by spreading the poison throughout a colony. Liquid pesticides can be spread across the yard to repel termites. There are also more borate treatments  that are applied directly to the wood to help protect your house.

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